You Could be Missing Business! There's ANOTHER inbox hidden in Facebook!

What we're about to share with you is probably going to get you a little upset... or make you some money... or a little bit of both. There is a whole vault, untapped and unseen facebook messages in your inbox you didn't even know existed, until now.

We know what you're thinking, sounds suspicious and weird, but stay with us and we'll help you uncover them.

Ok, so you know how facebook displays a "message request" box in your facebook messenger inbox where you can either accept or deny messages from people who aren't your friends? Well, facebook performs more filtering on it's own to decide which messages pop up in that request window in the first place. This might be similar to your email automatically sifting out spam. 

Essentially, this means there is potentially a HUGE pile of unseen, unanswered messages that didn't make the "message request" cut. 

If you're reading this and are part of the real estate community and use facebook as a median to meet and prospect clients, I guarantee you some of those messages are missed business, which I hope can be reconciled depending upon how long ago the message was sent. 

We did a trial run and we found out the steps below are the best ways to show you how to get to the "filtered messages".

1. Click on your Messenger App and go to the Settings Button.

2. Then Click on "People"

3. Click on "Message Requests"

4. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll see a button "See Filtered Requests"

5. Mind Blown!

This is a great thing to know about if you use facebook for business or just in general. There are people trying to get in touch with you who don't have your email or phone number. Also, there maybe some weirdo messages in there as well. Since that is the point of the filter.