# 1 Communication built for Performance

Communication drives the team and myself to maintain a successful workflow between all stakeholders. Poor communication is the #1 complaint in the mortgage industry. 

We have built a platform where we proactively keep you, the borrower engaged throughout the process of application to settlement.

That platform is built around you, with both agents, listing and buyer's, and other respectful stakeholders. Ask your agent how important that is!


#2  Personal Loan Manager

Most loan managers work for multiple loan officers. This can make the loan process very inefficient, and unsupportive to your needs.

Consequently, when you work with me and my team, you will not share your loan manager with any other loan officers. Thus, QUICK and EFFICIENT support service.


#3  We Close on Time

We make dates, MILESTONES.

Other than communication, closing on-time is the biggest frustration people have with mortgage lenders. Each MILESTONE requires specific deliverables, these deliverables are met and documented to hit our target On-Time!



#4  More Loan Options

Most mortgage lenders pre-screen applicants to fit in their "box", before there is a relationship.

Once again our mentality is YOU. We want to offer as many options as possible to people so they can achieve their home. 

"So whether you're buying a multi-million dollar lakefront home or a small place you can call your own, we have a loan option for you."